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Bass Player for Hire

If you’re in need of a bass player for a fill-in or tour, look no further! I can play just about any style but prefer rock, hard rock, metal, pop, and modern country.

Link to songs I’ve played on and co-wrote (Game Over).

Inspiring transformation through song.

If you’re looking for heart opening music for your event you’ve come to the right place.  Astrum Lux Lucis has been in the music and entertainment industry since 1983.  She’s been involved with music since her birth; being born into a musical family with her mom being an accomplished piano player and her grandmother being an accomplished musician on the bass fiddle.  Astrum’s grandmother loved to tell the story of picking her up from nursery school and enjoying her beloved granddaughter singing the nursery rhymes she’d learned that day all the way home.

In grade school, Astrum played the trumpet, snare drum, and alto saxophone, and after seeing The Go-Go’s on MTV back in 1981, began playing drums in hopes of becoming The Go-Go’s next drummer.  In the mid 80s she picked up the guitar and shortly after began writing her own songs.  In the late 80s she formed a metal band, Knightmare, which had great success up through the early 90s.

In 1991 Astrum decided to further her education by attending the University of Miami where she studied classical and jazz voice, and also studied music and music business, and eventually went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree specializing in business management and entrepreneurship.

During her university years she found her voice and became a solo artist, going by her birth name, Cheryl Hill.  In her solo career she released 6 albums from 1997 to 2008, and in 2009, after completing a meditation, changed her name to Astrum Lux Lucis and formed her conscious rock band One World (R)evolution.

Today Astrum actively tours the world as both a solo acoustic performer and with her band.  She’s released 2 albums with One World (R)evolution which have received critical acclaim throughout the world.

Astrum is currently available for solo acoustic or full band performances.  For full band inquiries, please visit the band’s website by clicking here.

Solo Acoustic Video