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CT Energy Sessions

What is a CT Energy Session?

CT Energy Sessions are a system of integrating the higher self with the mind, body, and emotions to create a greater sense of well-being.

The session is a time for you to relax and discover who you are.

Your practitioner will be working in your subtle energy field, in a process designed to align your higher self with your mind, body, and emotions to create a state of well-being.

During your session you will be asked to lie on your back on a massage table.  Once you are comfortable, your practitioner will invite you to simply relax, close your eyes if you are comfortable, and receive.  It is a non-touch modality so at no point will your practitioner touch you.

Your practitioner has gone through an extensive training course and continuous evaluation by the founder of CT Energy Practices, and is required to meet certain ongoing requirements in the field of self-improvement such as a daily meditation practice and cultivating their own energy through practicing a set Internal Energy Practices (IEP) at least three times per week.

Self-development and personal transformation are priorities for CT Energy Practitioners.  It is our goal to set the bar for the highest quality practitioners in the field of energy transformation.

About your practitioner:

Astrum Lucis came to the work of Conscious Transformation in 2014 after being severely depressed.  Over the years she’s applied the teachings of Conscious Transformation to her daily life, which has made it possible for her to know the amazing life she lives today.  She’s a certified Level 2 CT Energy Practitioner and began training for Level 3 certification in December of 2019.  She see’s this modality as a way for her to serve people at the highest level possible while empowering them to develop a deeper connection with their etheric body.


“Astrum is a miracle worker. I am not sure what she was doing during our session. I do know it had a profound effect on me. I felt as if my insides were being turned inside out and that images from my past were churned up for final integration. It was a very powerful experience. The upshot was that the weeks following our session have provided golden opportunities for that integration to manifest. Thank you, Astrum.” ~Barbara Abbate

“Astrum is a gentle soul as a soul guard. I am very selective with whom I allow energy work with … however she is an instant draw to passion of purpose and constant recommitment to growth and awareness in self and others. Humble heart.  Bold soul and Solid feet facilitating work of the spirit.” ~Robin M., Austin, TX 2018

“I have been struggling with terrible anxiety since I came off Adderall. Conscious Transformation Energy sessions with Astrum have really helped a lot. My life is starting to become productive again.” ~Shannon S.

“Astrum is a Yogi and a Guru rolled into one!” ~Richard Hurley

“Astrum’s healing work has been a wonderful blessing for me, my wife, and even my parents! She has shifted our experience to a higher plane of existence!” ~Akeem Sami, Healer and Martial Arts Instructor

“Astrum is an authentic healer full of integrity that shines through during sessions. I tried many healing modalities and felt the power behind this method.” ~Claire McDaniel

“Astrum created a welcoming space every time I went to see her, and her passion for this work shows in the fabulous energy sessions that she provides. I was safe and supported through each session, and always left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!” ~Kristin

“Astrum was extremely professional and thorough in her energy session.  I felt completely relaxed, at ease and most importantly energized!!!!  Was such a great experience, would be happy to do it again and receive another boost of source energy.  Astrum, thanks so much for all you do to support your fellow brothers and sisters.” ~Much love, Cee

New Client – Package Deal

3 Sessions – $200
(must be used within 3 months of purchase)

Single sessions are $75

  • Sessions are valued at $150.  Must pay in full in advance and schedule in advance.  No refunds.
    Your 1st session is always complimentary.